I Prayed For In You What I Craved For In Me – Kayla Murphy


The Lord has been teaching the deepest parts of me what you just read above. I’ll come back to that thought in a moment!


Oh, how selfish and self-consumed my thoughts and prayers can be sometimes. Over the last year or so I’ve become the most aware I’ve ever been of my lack in this area specifically. I find these words often leaving my lips and being thrown towards Heaven lately, “Oh, Lord, let me love the world like you love me. Make me gentle and kind and give me eyes to see beyond my own world.” These cries come often, because more times than I would care to admit publicly, I do not prefer you over myself. BUT I WANT TOO!!! Jesus, I want too.


Back to the top…I prayed for in you what I craved for in me. If you don’t know these two in this picture it probably won’t move you as significantly. So, I’ll tell you. Both men have Parkinson’s. The one being prayed over has had it for a long time now, and the one praying had just received the diagnosis not long before the photo was taken. Now look at the photo again. LET. IT. MOVE. YOU.


Tears literally waterfalled down my face as I watched this unfold a month or two ago. I practically ran to the stage to take a picture when it happened. WOW. It convicted me. It freed me. It encouraged me. You see, Mr. Billy was praying over Mr. James the very thing he himself needed. He needed healing, but he was praying for healing for someone else. When was the last time your pain moved you to pray for someone else’s? It’s okay if you feel as convicted as I do here – let it work itself out in you! Let’s let Jesus work our selfishness out of us!


What are you craving from the Lord today?

What pain hits the depths of you?

What sickness is demanding strength from your body?

What thoughts are you wrestling? What sorrow do you feel?

What circumstance is overwhelming?


Whatever those answers are I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to take those things you are feeling and put them to use for Heaven’s sake and Jesus’ glory…in others! Think about people in your own life who are in the very battle you’re in. Pray for them! Beseech Heaven for them! Ask the Lord to move in you on their behalf. Pray for them as if you’re praying for yourself.


Please don’t misunderstand my encouragement. I still pray for my battles often. I love Jesus for desiring us to come to Him, but in realizing some of the selfishness tied with it it’s increased my love for YOU. This thought has transformed my prayer life and it has made walking in victory over my own struggles so much easier! Sometimes the easiest way to preach to and encourage yourself is to pray for in them what you crave for in you!







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