We seek to take advantage of the opportunity God has given us through Christ to boldly approach his throne (Hebrews 4:16).   Prayer is central to the definition of the church and it is to be the characteristic of God’s house (Matthew 21:13). It is the deep and intimate communion of the believer with God through intercession, praise, thanksgiving ,petitioning, and confessions.



  • Altar Service

    Altar Service

    God calls us to come boldly before His Throne of Grace.  Our altar area in the sanctuary is open at all times during our services to seek the Lord and commune with him in worship, praise, confession, repentance, and healing. It is a precious time that we pray for others as well those whom God is ministering to through His Word and by His Spirit.



  • Lady Warriors Prayer Group

    Lady Warriors Prayer Group

    The Lady Prayer Warriors provide an opportunity to join with other women in worship and spirit-led intercession for our church, nation and world, as well as for each other. Prayer times offer an atmosphere of confidentiality and a safe place to encourage and exhort each other in the Lord. Periodic study of the Bible together equips and promotes growth as intercessors and in relationship with each other. 





  • Prayer Chain

    Prayer Chain

    Our church prayer chain has been active for over 30 years and has proven to be an effective way for our church body to be made aware of the needs of our members and the needs they bring to our attention. We use the “Group Me“

    app, but it is not necessary to have the app to receive requests. The prayer chain is for our members and regular visitors. We have received requests from all around the world and here at home. We have been encouraged in faith by the many answered prayers and have been strengthened in unity through our intercession.


    Please contact Carla Shipp for more information.



  • Prayer Services

    Prayer Services

    Sunday Morning Prayer Service

    Each Sunday morning at 8:00 am we meet for a prayer time for the upcoming services.


    Sunday Evening Prayer Service

    This service has come to be one of our most special times with the Body of Christ. It is a time we can come together corporately and in unity to worship and intercede. The services include communion, prayer for the sick, prayer for the nations and local outreaches, and often an open microphone where the members can exhort and lead in prayer as they are led by the Holy Spirit. Each prayer service is unique as we seek to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.


    Spanish Prayer Service

    This service is held the last Friday of each month and is a late night prayer meeting beginning at 8:00pm.


    See Rey Sanchez for more details.



  • Prayer Groups

    Prayer Groups

    Each Sunday evening we gather in groups in the sanctuary at 5:30pm, before our prayer service begins. These groups join to pray for specific needs – our children, our nation, missions, etc. As well as coming together for intercession, this time also directs hearts to set an attitude of prayer for our service to come.



  • Spanish Prayer Meetings

    Spanish Prayer Meetings

    Sunday Morning Prayer – Each Sunday morning at 8:00am, the Hispanic group meets for prayer in the office building conference room to commune with the Lord and pray for the day’s services and for ministry among the Hispanic community.


    Late Night Prayer – This service is held the last Friday of each month and is a late night prayer meeting beginning at 8:00pm.


    See Rey Sanchez for more details.



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