“I have set thee to  be a light of the Gentiles that thou shouldest be for salvation to the ends of the earth” (Acts 13:47) God’s heart is that all may know Him. He has placed that burden in us and we have had many doors opened to us to bring His gospel all over the world. First New Testament Church works closely with churches throughout the year in evangelistic outreach, medical missions, and/or pastor’s conferences. The Lord has opened many doors through these pastors, churches, and ministries. The arms of our church are literally reaching around the world. As invitations come, we are committed to bring the gospel into every region of the world. There are also countries and missions that we are consistently working with and supporting through giving and/or prayer.


Please click REACH our Missions Website, for full details and upcoming mission opportunities.



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Mission Trips

FNT takes several mission trips throughout the year as the Lord opens doors and leads us. There are opportunities for members of the body to serve in medical missions, evangelism, construction, children’s ministry, conferences and crusades. Click here for information on upcoming trips.


Please click REACH our Missions Website, for full details and upcoming mission opportunities.


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Operation Christmas Child

The shoebox Ministry of Samaritans Purse called Operation Christmas Child is a perfect way to reach a large number of God’s children. If you are unable to be on the front line in a foreign country doing mission work, but you have the desire to be there, then this is the ministry for you. Lovingly packing simple items into a shoebox while you pray for the salvation or the strengthening of faith for a child you’ve never met, then putting that box in the hands of people who can complete your mission goes a very long way in the life of many children who have nothing and have never heard of Jesus. We invite you to join in, there are MANY ways to participate. See Vicki Vallet for more details.



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Supported Missionaries & Ministries

First New Testament has the privilege of supporting various ministries and ministers through our prayer and giving. Those listed below are supported on a regular basis throughout the year as they minister in our world, to the lost and to the churches, through the call God has placed on their lives.



Jeff & Tammy Lee – The Savior’s Call

Marwan Beem – Israel – Abiding Life Church, Whitney, TX

Brother Noah – Pakistan & India, 10/40 Window – All for Christ International

Blair Bonin – Belgium – Assemblies of God, Students for Christ

Kirk Priest – Germany – Assemblies of God, Students for Christ

Daren Downs – Egypt, 10/40 Window– Living Waters Church, Chino, CA

Darrel Turner  – Israel – River of Life International

Stephen McKay – Africa – Vessel of Honor Ministries

Asia – World Missions to Asia

Jay & Andrea Bransford – Thailand – YWAM

Gustavo Rodriguez – Peru


Please click REACH our Missions Website, for more details.



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