Jesus came to serve and wash the feet of others and He told us to also go and do likewise. Hospitality is simply the outworking of the nature of God that is in us, loving others as ourselves and the opportunity of loving God by loving others. It is not the duty of the church, but the honor of the church, to serve.



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ACTS Ministry

A ministry of FNT that seeks to involve the members of the body in helping meet the physical needs of individuals in the church, often involving help in practical life situations. See Ralph Boe for more information.



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We desire to care for those in our church body and outside the body according to Biblical guidelines.

Please see Felix Burch for more information.



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Cooking Ministry

Led by Shannon Cannon, the cooking ministry of FNT desires to meet the most basic of needs of the members of the church. When a situation occurs,  such as a new birth, surgery, or extended illness, meals are organized for the families. The church desires to show the love of Christ to one another and be a blessing and an encouragement to those who may be going through a difficult time. For this purpose we use a website called “Take them a meal” which has made this outreach effective and efficient. If you desire to be part of this, please speak with Shannon or Carla Shipp.



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Facilities Ministry

Maintaining our church property requires a great deal of work and thought. Our Facilities Ministry is made up of individuals who have a heart to use their professional skills to help us accomplish this. The group helps us prioritize, plan, manage and complete projects. They also monitor ongoing needs in our facilities  and support our staff as we work together to keep the property functional and clean.



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Greet Team

The Greet Team is a ministry of FNT that works together to ensure that all visitors and members are greeted upon arrival, that they have the proper information to experience FNT at its finest, and that all are helped in getting connected into what God is doing in our church. The Greet Team is a wonderful area of ministry in which to serve if you have a heart for making people feel welcome & keeping people updated on the latest news and events. To join the greet team, please see Kayla Murphy or Mia Scherer for details.



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Grief Ministry

Led by Evan Pyle, this ministry seeks to provide comfort, counsel, prayer, and provision for those who are suffering grief.



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Helps Ministry

The Helps ministry coordinates help and general assistance for church members in need. See Vickie Powers for more information.



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Security Team

The safety of our church members is very important to us. While we rest in knowing that God is in control and He is ultimately our protector, we have established a group of men who monitor the safety and security of the church. They are godly men who are seeking the Lord in every decision that is made while they watch and protect what God has given us.



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Thanksgiving Outreach

It is our desire to bless those in our body who are in need during the Thanksgiving holiday. This ministry goes beyond our members as well. We desire for Thanksgiving to be a joyful, exciting celebration for each and every person within our reach. During this time we like to give back to God and bless Him by loving those in need in His body. We provide a Thanksgiving meal with all the trimmings and deliver the turkey hot and ready to eat on Thanksgiving morning. We take the opportunity to pray with many of the families and share encouragement with them as they go through difficult times.


If you would like to be part of this outreach, contact Scooter Trice or Jordan Shipp.



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Ushers Ministry

The ushers at FNT take great care in seeing and meeting the needs of the congregation during our services. They are also responsible for taking the offering and coordinating with our bookkeeper in managing the tithes & offerings.



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