It is our prayer for this nation that we humble ourselves and pray, and seek His face, and turn from our wicked ways…so that God would hear from heaven, and will forgive our sin and heal our land.


Because of this we regularly gather to pray for God’s mercy and hand on our nation, for our government and its leaders, and for the church in America to be mighty and holy. We also support evangelist and ministries that seek to preach the Word of God and to minister to those in need in Jesus’ name.


Please click REACH our Missions Website, for full details and upcoming mission opportunities.


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At FNT we believe in the power of prayer and we desire that our nation sees a true witness of the love and salvation of the Lord. We meet each Sunday evening at 5:30 for group prayer for our nation as well as on-going congregational prayer for our governmental leaders, the nation of Israel, our law enforcement, schools, and churches.





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Adullam House – Wetumpka, AL

Adullam House began as a calling on the lives of Pete and Angie Spackman. The Lord brought them from Great Britain to follow His vision for the forgotten children of society. They started working with prisoners and soon found themselves fully consumed with giving their children a new start. Through God’s grace and provision, the ministry continues to operate with no government funding. You may access their website at .


Please click REACH, our Missions Website, for full details and upcoming mission opportunities.




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B J Pons Ministries

Christian recording artist and Music Minister, BJ Pons, has been singing gospel music since she was five years old.  She is a dynamic singer and speaker who has the ability to reach audiences with her authentic talent and powerful testimony.


BJ has been honored to share the stage with other well-loved Christian artists such as Janet Pascal, Laverne & Edith Trip, Mary Sloan, Roni Goss, Archie Dennis, and Candi Staton Suswell. She sang for Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for 24 yrs on his International Television Program. She has appeared on the Babbie Mason show as well as the Josh and Ashley Franks program in Atlanta. Two years ago BJ was invited to minister at the well-known Brooklyn Tabernacle with the world famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.


Her music and authentic compassion have won over the hearts of people from all walks of life. BJ’s genuineness make people want to stop and listen. She has a special passion to reach women who have been abused and feel dismissed by society. Her music and moving testimony encourage them to understand that God has a plan for even the most unlikely.


Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, BJ now resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, with her husband.

BJ Pons can be contacted for ministry at or (985)295-2626.


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Theology on Fire


Theology on Fire is a Biblical teaching and preaching ministry, founded by Andrew & Leah Wilkes, that seeks to impart spiritual truth in the power of the Holy Spirit. Their ministry details and podcast teachings are available at















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Supported Missionaries & Ministries

First New Testament has the privilege of supporting various ministries and ministers through our prayer and giving. Those listed below are supported on a regular basis throughout the year as they minister in this nation, to the lost and to the churches, through the call God has placed on their lives.


Jeff & Tammy Lee -The Savior’s Call

David Owens – Changed by the Glory Ministries

B J. Pons – B.J. Ministries


Please click REACH our Missions Website, for full details and upcoming mission opportunities.


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