Study and Discipleship in the Word of God is a vital part of the life of FNT. We believe that as we read and study His Word,  we can be strengthened in our inner man by the power of the Holy Spirit. It’s our desire that Christ will dwell in our hearts by faith. and that being rooted and grounded in love…we would comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height…(Ephesians 3:16-18).



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Each Sunday our children are offered age appropriate Bible Study classes during our Sunday School time. We take seriously this opportunity to instill in our children a love for the Word of God and a knowledge of God’s heart and ways expressed in His Word. Please click here to view our Sunday School schedule and a list of teachers and classrooms. 



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Youth Bible Study

The youth meet on Tuesday night for Bible study led by Felix & Beka Burch. It is their desire to disciple and equip the youth in the Word of God to make a difference in the generation around them. Please refer to the church calendar for a monthly schedule.


Young Adult Bible Study

Our young adults meet each Thursday night to study the Word of God together and strengthen one another in their walk with the Lord.



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Grounded Sunday School Class

Grounded meets seasonally in the sanctuary building and is for young believers and newer members of FNT. This class will cover foundational topics for the life of a believer and make opportunities for active participation with the Body of Christ through prayer, worship, fellowship and outreach. Participation is open to high school graduates and older. If you are interested in being a part of the Grounded Sunday school class, please contact the church’s front office and leave your name and phone number.



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Ladies’ Bible Study

The ladies’ of FNT meet weekly for Bible Study on Tuesday nights on a seasonal basis. The study is led by several anointed teachers among the ladies. Various topics, books of the Bible, and Christian books are studied, enriched with discussion and testimony from the group. There is also a special Summer Series that varies each summer. Please refer to our church calendar and announcements for dates and details.



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Men’s Bible Study

The men meet on Monday mornings at 6:00 am (except the first Monday of the month) for a mixture of Bible teaching and discussion, led by various FNT pastors. They are greatly blessed as they strengthen and encourage one another in the Word and what the Lord is ministering to the body at the present time.







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Sunday Service

(English, Spanish)

Each Sunday Morning we come as a body for a joyful time together. The word of God tells us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves …and much more as we see the day approaching. With a realization that Jesus is coming soon, it is during these Sunday meetings that we come in unity, corporately, to hear the Lord speak through the preaching of His Word, to minister to Him through worship,  to encourage and equip the individual members of the body for the work of the ministry through the work of the Holy Spirit in our worship, prayer, and times at the altar, and that in turn each member is used by God to supply the needs of others in the body. Please see schedule of services for the specific meeting times. We’d love for you to join us!


The Hispanic Church meets during this time as well in the Office Building Sanctuary, led by Pastor Rey Sanchez, with a great desire to share the gospel with the Latino community around us.



Midweek Service

At FNT, we know the necessity of meeting together, as a body, during our week to strengthen and encourage one another and be refreshed in the Lord’s presence. We gather for a time of preaching and ministry from God’s Word as well as worship and prayer. Please see the schedule of services for days & times of meetings.



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Sunday School 

(Adults, YMC, Young Adult/College,

Youth, Children)


An important part of the Vision and Mission of FNT is to foster an environment in which members can grow in the Lord and become equipped for the work of the ministry. One very important outlet for this growth is through Sunday School. Our Sunday School classes meet every Sunday morning. There are classes offered for every age group, including nursery for our youngest members. 


If you are looking for a way to be more involved, or to find closer relationships within FNT, please join us for Sunday School. We would love to help you grow in the Lord through Bible study and get to know you better! Please review the class list below to find where you can take part. For more information see Rachel Carter, or a staff member.


Class list:

  • Adults – Teacher, Lee Shipp  –  Sanctuary ( 9:00 am service)
  • Young Marries Couples – Teachers, Billy & Jane Smith – Sanctuary Building
  • Young Adults – Teachers, Hadyn and Breanna Shipp & Kayla Murphy – Sanctuary Building
  • Youth (9th-12th grade) – Teachers, Felix & Beka Burch – Sanctuary Building
  • Youth (6th – 8th grade) – Teachers, Kevin & Sylvia Murphy – Sanctuary Building
  • Children (1st-5th grade) – Teacher, Pam Richard – Sanctuary Building
  • Children (K3-K5) – Teacher, Ashley Robbins – Sanctuary Building
  • Grounded (seasonal) – Teachers, Andrew & Leah Wilkes



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Young Adult Bible Study

The young adults meet on Thursday evenings for Bible study with the aim to equip one another with the truth of Jesus and the power of His word. Hadyn Shipp & Kayla Murphy lead this dedicated group. The young adults also meet each Sunday morning for a Sunday School with an opportunity to be strengthened and discipled.












Bible Talk is our church-wide reading plan & podcast series – where we are showcasing God’s glory through His unified story. As we walk through the Bible together, our mission is to cultivate growth in our love of the Word, intimacy with Christ and fellowship among one another.


The podcast and reading plan can be reached from this site or on any of the following platforms by searching “FNT Bible Talk” :Apple Podcast, Spotify or Google Play


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