The Church’s Migration – Lee Shipp


I feel it in my spirit – it is a call … a knowing. Like birds which migrate knowing winter is coming. They are not taught this – there is a knowing in their nature – winter is coming! They can feel it. They know it. They cannot stay where they are.


There is a migration in my heart. A migration away from this world and to Heaven above. The church is about to leave here – it cannot stay! This migration is an insatiable desire to gather with the church – to prepare to leave this world with the church. I see us gathering so much more with believers by desire … an instinctive migratory impulse … a getting ready to leave this world. The night is falling. The cold winter is coming. It is dreadful to think of being left in this world … to live unaware of the migratory call of the Holy Ghost. Many religious are unaware for they have no instinct of the New Nature. They do not have the nature to sense the nearness of the coming night. Believer – listen! Do you hear the bridegroom calling. He is on His way. Follow the migratory call of the Holy Ghost to His church. He is calling us to gather for the soon coming migration. He is calling us awayHe is the shepherd who leads usHow can you be led by Him if you are not with Him – He is with His church.  It is high time to wake out of sleep. Now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand … Paul the Apostle (Rom 13).

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